Basketball Console & PC Games

With the game of basketball being so popular, many enjoy the game in another way than watching or betting. There are a great number of PC and console games that are focused on basketball, allowing fans to take part in a game and become the player or coach of a team. With these types of games, fans will become a member of their favourite team as they battle other teams throughout a regular basketball season and on to the Championships. The very first basketball video game developed was in 1974 by Taito. It wasn’t until 1978 that another game was introduced and this was a game on the Atari console. Over the years, many basketball games have been created for different consoles and each time, the graphics, animations and realism increase. The games that are available now are the most amazing ever. With player stats, animations that replicate player moves and the most amazing graphics, these games are played by many for hours on end.

Many players follow the real games and seasons and the ability to play basketball games on a PC is quite appealing. There have been many PC games that have been developed over the years, each adding more features and enhances graphics. Some of the best PC basketball games are NBA 2K15, which offers a simulation experience for players. This game is available for players who use Windows. Free Style Street Basketball is another top rated PC game that is available for Windows users. His game has unique featured and the players are all set in a street-style league. The latest basketball game is NBA2K16, which offers the most realistic experience of all PC basketball games. This game comes with a new feature called My Career. The game can be played on a Windows PC.

While computer games are fun and thrilling, many prefer to play basketball games on a console. There have been many games developed by different companies and these games feature the most popular teams and players from the NBA and other leagues. One of the better games was Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside. This was the staple game for the Nintendo 64 system and with some realism, the game was a huge hot for fans. The original NBA Live 95 was the introduction to a series of games that would change console basketball playing forever. With dramatic crowd sounds and swishing sounds of the net, this game was the very first to offer realism.

The first basketball game designed for Xbox was NBA Inside Drive 2002. This game offered smooth graphics and better game play. For those fans of college basketball, NCAA Basketball 10 was a hit. This game focused on March Madness in 12012 and delivered a complete college basketball experience. Players could use training facilities and recruit players. After this edition, there were no other NCAA games created.

From simple graphics to the most realistic animations, console and PC basketball games have been enhanced over the years and they are now available for just about any computer and console, allowing players to enjoy the game as a player themselves.