Basketball Fantasy Sports Betting

Inspired by the success of fantasy baseball and football, fans of basketball can now enjoy the fantasy sports betting action. With fantasy basketball, bettors will be the managers of a team and will choose players based on stats and prior performances. As the manager of the team, trades can be conducted and recruits can be added to the roster. The results are all based on the actual performance of a player or a team. For example, if the bettor chose Kevin Durant to be on the roster, the actual performance of Kevin in a real game would be used. This means the number of points scored, assists and other stats will be used to determine the outcome of a fantasy sports game.

When it comes to scoring with fantasy sports, there is appoint system that is used. Each statistic will be worth a certain number of points. For example, a steal may be worth 2 points and a rebound is worth one. A turnover can be worth -1. As the teams and players play, the points are tallied automatically and the team that has the most points at the end of the basketball season will be deemed the winner. For those that do not wish to wait out an entire season, there are daily fantasy sports betting options. With this type of fantasy sport, players will draft their NBA team and points are scored in a similar way to a season long team. Instead of being committed to an entire season, this form of betting only lasts a single day. Not only does this free up bettors to bet on other teams, games or sports, but it also provides an instant payout when the event ends.

Fantasy sports betting has become a top pastime for fans and bettors around the globe. Two of the most popular sites that host fantasy sports events and betting are Draft Kings and FanDuel, both offering basketball options. These sites provide all types of betting options and offer complete coverage of all sports and fantasy leagues.

Draft Kings is one of the top sites for daily fantasy sports betting. The site plans to pay out over $1 billion by the time this year ends. When it comes to the NBA options, Draft Kings offers over 20,000 gamers that are all competing for top cash prizes on very small buy-in amounts. One of the great events of the year was a Thursday evening in March of 2015. This night featured a $3 buy in tournament and there was a $65,000 guaranteed prize pool. With a field of over 24,000 players, the payouts of the event were well distributed, providing some with massive payouts. Throughout the week, Draft Kings offers multiple guaranteed tournaments, offering the chance to collect great payouts each and every week. For the very first time in fantasy sports history, Draft Kings offered a top paying prize of $1 million. That tournament was held at the end of March and was referred to as the Fantasy Basketball World Championship. With small buy in amounts and great returns, fans continue to enjoy the daily fantasy sports at Draft Kings.

Another popular site for daily fantasy sports action is FanDuel, the major competitor for Draft Kings. At FanDuel, there are many types of contests that can be enjoyed. These include head-to-heads, 50/50 events and leagues. FanDuel followed in the footsteps of Draft Kings and is offering a $1 million guaranteed prize pool for multiple NBA events. In addition to covering all NBA games, FanDuel also covers college basketball action. When enjoying fantasy basketball at FanDuel, every day, members can choose a new team and have the chance to win profits. The FanDuel site is easy to navigate, which is a plus for beginner fantasy sports players. The site is also legal for Canadian and US players, just as Draft Kings is. There is also a great promise of a refund if the first $5 or $10 game is not enjoyed. What is even better is that FanDuel will cover PayPal fees when withdrawals are conducted! Want to make more money? Refer a friend and enjoy lifetime referral commissions! FanDuel is definitely one of the better fantasy sports sites operating.

While many basketball fans are happy to just watch a game on the big screen, other fans want to make money when their favourite team is performing well. Instead of betting at a sportsbook, there are daily fantasy sports sites that can provide superb ways to win every day! Just draft a team and collect points as those players perform in live games! With the option of daily games, there is no long term commitment and winnings are paid out faster.