BBL - British Basketball League (United Kingdom)


The BBL is a premier league for men in the United Kingdom. This professional league is unlike others as it has added competitions in addition to gaining the league Championship. These include the BBL Cup and the BBL Trophy. There are also play-off games following the regular season. At this time, the BBL only consists of 12 teams and these are represented by players from Scotland and England. All member franchises of the league own the entire league. With head offices in Leicester, the league has become a popular one for basketball fans in Europe.

The BBL was founded in 1987 and the CEO of the league is Ed Percival. In 2012, an exciting thing happened for the league as it joined with governing bodies like Basketball Scotland and England Basketball to form the British Basketball Union. This is an organisation that promotes the growth of the basketball in Great Britain. In addition to the men’s professional teams, the BBL started women’s league in 2014, which is called the Women’s British Basketball League.

Since the BBL is a company that is owned by member clubs, the teams have equal share holding as well as a representative that sits on the board of directors. All of the decision making, policies and rules are determined by the board. This is one of the few professional leagues where members of the club can have a say in important decisions and actually own part of the BBL company.

During the BBL season, there are 33 games that are played from September to April. The games are played in four quarters with each being 10 minutes long. The FIBA rules are in effect during these games. Should the game be a tie at the end of the four quarters, there will be 5 minute overtime periods and there can be an unlimited number of these. The winner is determined by who is ahead as the overtime period comes to an end.

When the regular BBL season ends, the team with the most points will be crowned the winner of the BBL Championship. After the completion of the season, the top 8 teams will go on to the play-offs and these games usually take place in April. During the play-offs, a knockout tournament is played and teams will be seeded based on their position at the end of the regular season. The quarter finals and the semi finals are played as two game series and the higher seed will have the choice of having the home advantage. At the end of the post season games, there is the Grand Final, which is held at the O2 Arena located in London. The two semi final winning teams will play a single game to deem one team the play-off Champion.

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Since the BBL also has two other championship events, there is always something to look forward to. The BBL Cup is played in January and the BBL Trophy, which is played in March.